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KillProcess is an application assassin of the extreme kind. It can terminate almost any process on a Windows machine, including any service and process running in the system. Even protected Microsoft system processes can be terminated. All of this can be done in the matter of milliseconds.

The speed that KillProcess can kill your applications with is determined by your computer speed and is not restricted by any other settings within the OS itself. KillProcess is way more powerful than the Task Manager in other terms than speed. It can kill multiple processes, either by multi-select or by clever use of “kill lists”. Using these techniques it is possible to “batch” terminate processes, quickly and swiftly, with a click of a button.

KillProcess can also scan the running processes on the computer, and kill them on sight, much like an anti-spyware application would. In KillProcess however you are in charge of which applications should be allowed to run or not – and that applies to the computer as long as you say so.

About 1 500 users download KillProcess every day, and the total number of users are well in beyond of 1 million today

Free Download

Type Description Remarks
KillProcess 2.44 (Installer) Latest version of the KillProcess application More info
KillProcess 2.44 (Executable) Latest version of the KillProcess application (for portability) More info
KillProcess 1.6.3 (Installer) Version 1.6.3 of the KillProcess application (legacy NT 4.0 Support) N/A

Release Information

The latest official release of the application is version 2.44. This version supports the following Microsoft Windows operating systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit if available)

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2008 (R1 & R2)
  • Windows 7
KillProcess 1.6.3 is an older release that supports for Windows NT 4.0

e-Learning Videos

For help in getting the most out of the application, we recomment that you look at the e-Learning Videos that are made available online. They are designed to attract both beginner and experienced users and are a great way to learn some of the most central features of the application.

Download KillLists

KillProcess uses "KillLists" in order to batch-terminate processes. Some of the Lists are pre-installed but all available lists can be found here. If you want to contribute with your own list, please refer to the "Submit Killlist" page

To download: Right-click on any list and select "Save Target As..."

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